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Keyword Insights uses live, country-specific SERP data for each query. We check every keyword in the top 10 results and, if a keyword shares 40% or more URLs in common, we’ll determine that they are a cluster. There is also a little NLP weaved in and some other clever logic, but essentially this is how it functions. The name of the cluster is based on the keyword within that cluster with the most search volume.

Using a machine learning model that was trained on over 2 million keywords, we scrape live SERPs to work out what type of content you need to produce to satisfy user intent.

‘Other’ is generally any page or result that our model isn’t at least 70% confident on. Generally speaking, these pages are contact us pages, home pages or lead generation type pages (i.e. ones that aren’t e-commerce but are still trying to sell something). As we train the model this will get more and more accurate and we’ll be able to distinguish between more page types.

In our tests, we determined the clustering is accurate around 90-95% of the time and the intent is accurate around 80% of the time. Since we use Live SERP data, the results can vary from run to run.

As we all know, different SEO tools report different search volumes. We want you to have control over the search volume and bring in your own data that you trust. This is why we don’t provide it currently.

We have made a detailed video on how to use the output file and the pivoted tables. If you have any questions please do reach out to us via

Absolutely. As SEOs, we understand the red tape and compliances around data privacy. We will not share any of your uploaded keyword or search volume data with third parties under any circumstances. If you would like your data and personal information removed please contact us at


We use a simple credits system. We have three insights (cluster, context & rank tracking) one insight costs 1 credit. Two insights cost 1.5 credits. All three insights costs 2 credits per keyword. So for an example if you upload 1000 keywords and select all three insights you will need 2000 credits to process the order.

If you cancel your monthly subscription, you will lose all of your credits instantly, and your account will be deleted. So, please make sure to use all your credits before you cancel the subscription. If you don’t plan on using keyword insights frequently, we recommend you to use our pay as you go plan.

When you’re on a monthly subscription, we will keep adding you new credits every month and any unused credits will roll over to the next month. So, as long as you have an active subscription you will keep all of your credits. But, cancelling your monthly subscription will result in the loss of all credits.

For large agencies and enterprises, we have special bulk pricing options. Please contact us at for more information.

No, If you use the pay as you go option to buy credits, they will never expire and will be available whenever you need them.

We use the Stripe payment gateway for all transactions. Stripe is the worlds leading payment gateway and they will process your card details and keep them secure. We won’t see any of your details. So, it’s 100% safe.

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