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About Keyword Discovery

Reduce your reliance on other paid tools and carry out your complete keyword research all within Keyword Insights ®.

Keyword Discovery allows you to input a seed keyword and generate hundreds of related and similar terms quickly.

These keywords can then be easily downloaded and put back through our clustering algorithm so that you know which pages, and how many pages, you need to create to comprehensively cover a topic... all without leaving Keyword Insights ®.

Benefits of Keyword Discovery

Generate a comprehensive keyword list, quickly

After inputting a seed keyword, we’ll generate hundreds of similar, matching or related keywords in seconds.

Cost effective

No need to use other tools for keyword research around a specific topic.

Get actionable next steps

After you’ve generated your Keyword Discovery report, select our ranking, clustering or Title AI insights to get more actionable next steps.

Up to date data

We take great strides in ensuring Keyword Discovery’s database is large and contains relevant and up to date information.

See it in action

Use Keyword Discovery to quickly generate hundreds of keyword ideas quickly and cost effectively… all without leaving the Keyword Insights ® platform. Watch the video in full to understand how it works.

Benefits of using Keyword Insights


Unlike other free options which rely on NLP to group keywords, we use live search result page data. This means we're grouping keywords based on what Google is, not what an algorithm thinks should be grouped.

Cost Effective

Our pricing is very flexible. We have a wide range of subscription options (which can be cancelled any time) or you can simply pay as you go and top up as you need.


We've worked hard on scaling our backend to ensure your reports get back to you quickly. We know you don't want to be waiting around for results, so we've ensured we're the quickest comparable clustering solution out there.

More Features

Compared to our competitors, we offer many additional features which, when combined, result in powerful reports that can turbocharge your SEO strategy. Features unique to us include Title AI, keyword context and our hub and spoke reports.

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