Keyword Clustering

Keyword Insights vs. Semrush

Both tools have keyword clustering modules, but which is right for you?

How Keyword Clustering Works?

Keyword clustering involves grouping keywords that are similar to each other together. Essentially a “keyword cluster” is a group of keywords that mean the same topically and can be targeted together on a single page.

Upload your keyword list into Keyword Insights, and we’ll analyse the search engine result pages to group any keywords together where the ranking URLs are the same or similar.

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Why Keyword Insights?

  • We cluster fast. Really fast.
  • Cluster millions of keywords at a time.
  • Adjust the URL overlap, algorithm choice and re-run projects. Full freedom.
  • Beautiful visualisations to explore your clusters
  • Easily turn keyword clusters into written content. Our seamless workflow makes it easy to push keyword clusters to our AI writer assistant.
  • Use a monthly subscription or Pay as you go. Full flexibility.

Keyword Insight

$58 /per Month
  • Plan type: Basic
  • Upload limit: Millions
  • Adjust URL Overlap: YES
  • Algorithms: Centroids & Agglomerative
  • Cluster visualization Card and table view
  • Pivoted CSV output YES
  • Topic cluster model Bubble / circular packing
  • Subscription & Pay as you go BOTH


$129.95 /per Month
  • Plan type: Professional
  • Upload limit: 2000
  • Adjust URL Overlap: NO
  • Algorithms: Agglomerative option only
  • Cluster visualization Table view only
  • Pivoted CSV output NO
  • Topic cluster model Mind map model only
  • Subscription & Pay as you go Subscription Only

Our work flow



Generate a large list of keywords around a given topic quickly and easily using our Keyword Discovery tool



Cluster your list of keywords using our keyword clustering tool. This will highlight the pages you need to create.



Based on the clustering report, use our AI-driven content brief generator to outline and research the content quickly. 



Finally, send the brief to a human writer or use our AI writing assistant (coming soon) to quickly write expert guides with little effort. 

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“Keyword insights has quickly become an essential part of our agency's tool stack. The clustering, intent classification and briefing features help us supercharge our SEO and content team's productivity levels, allowing them to spend more time delivering valuable insights for our clients.”

William Nye

Technical Director at Builtvisible

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