Build your keyword list.

The first step is to build your keyword list. Keyword insights can be used for both finding new opportunities as well as optimising existing pages. The Keyword Discovery module can help you generate thousands of related keywords from your seed keywords. Alternatively use your favourite tool (Ahrefs, Semrush etc) or Google search console to pull a list of keywords and the corresponding search volume. We recommend using Keyword everywhere for search volume. Make sure to save the keywords and search volume in CSV/XSXL format.


Signup for an account, buy a subscription or top up credits.

Go to https://app.keywordinsights.ai and create a free account. All trial accounts come with 400 free credits. We recommend using your Google account. Once you create an account make sure to choose a subscription or the pay as you go option to buy necessary credits. If you're unsure how many credits you need please check the pricing page for the price calculator.


Select the insight (Cluster, Context, Rank)

The next step is to upload your pre-prepared keyword list or exported keyword list from Ahrefs/Semrush/Google search console to keyword Insights App. Select the insights you want and submit the order. We recommend you run all three insights and upload as many keywords as possible for maximum effectiveness.


Submit and receive results

After the keyword list has been uploaded, We will show you an estimated processing time. This may vary depending on our current queue. Our system has a sophisticated backend scaling system that will ensure your order is processed as soon as possible. You will receive an email when the report is ready, and you will also see the report inside your 'Orders' section.


Analyse the output and build the content strategy

The report will be presented in Google sheets with pre-pivoted tables. It's time for you to start crunching the data. You can start by making a copy of the sheets (It will be read-only) and you will be able to start editing. Head to our YouTube Channel for tutorial videos on how to use the output.

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