Rank tracking

About Rank Tracking

Quickly pull in the ranking URL(s) and rank for your list of keywords.

When the "rank" insight is selected, we'll analyse the search engine result pages for your current rank and ranking URL for any and all of the keywords in your uploaded list.

Use this insight to cost effectively get a snapshot in time of current rankings without having to pay or set up a expensive, monthly rank tracking solution; perfect for one-off agency pitches or freelancers.

In addition, combine the rank tracking insight with the clustering and context insights to easily spot gaps in your content or issues with the intent.

Benefits of rank tracking with Keyword Insights ®

Cost effective

This isn’t a designed to be a constant “rank tracking solution” so there are no monthly fees or subscriptions required. Use Keyword Insights ® to quickly and cost effectively pull the rankings of loads of keywords as a “on-off” job. Perfect for agency pitches or freelancers wanting to occasionally get a top level view on a sites organic visibility.

Combine with other insights

By combining the rank tracking insights with our clustering and context insight, you’ll be able to very quickly spot gaps in your content and/or issues with the type of content you may be creating.


Select your country, city and language to get geospecific rankings.

Easy to set up

Unlike more complex rank tracking solutions, it’s very quick to set up and pull your current ranks with Keyword Insights®. Simply select your country and language, upload the list and hit “go”. We’ve worked hard on scaling our back end, so you’ll get your report back quicker than our competitors too.

See it in action

Combine the ranking function with other insights to get complex and insightful reports.

Please watch the video in full to understand how to apply the output data for your winning keyword research and SEO strategy.

Benefits of using Keyword Insights


Unlike other free options which rely on NLP to group keywords, we use live search result page data. This means we're grouping keywords based on what Google is, not what an algorithm thinks should be grouped.

Cost Effective

Our pricing is very flexible. We have a wide range of subscription options (which can be cancelled any time) or you can simply pay as you go and top up as you need.


We've worked hard on scaling our backend to ensure your reports get back to you quickly. We know you don't want to be waiting around for results, so we've ensured we're the quickest comparable clustering solution out there.

More Features

Compared to our competitors, we offer many additional features which, when combined, result in powerful reports that can turbocharge your SEO strategy. Features unique to us include Title AI, keyword context and our hub and spoke reports.

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