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About Search Intent/Context

Some keywords are explicit in their intent; usually, these are keywords with modifiers appended or prepended to them. Example include:

"Buy", "where", "how", "when", "coupons" etc.

But what does someone want to view when they search for something without any modifiers? What sort of content should we optimise for if the keyword is just "dogs"?

We've pre-trained a model to accurately and quickly identify the search intent behind keywords at scale. Simply upload your list and we'll tell you, out of the top 10 results on Google, how many of the results are informational vs how many are transactional vs how many are some other type of content.

Benefits of knowing search intent

Produce the right type of content

If you’re trying to rank a product page when most of the top ten results are informational, you’ll likely be wasting your time and money. Quickly determine what type of content you should be creating for entire keyword sets and produce the right type of content.

Rank twice and get more visibility

Some keyword are fragmented in intent; the results being pretty evenly split between informational and transactional pages. These keywords present an opportunity to rank twice in the top 10 (one informational piece and one transactional piece). Identify these keywords quickly and gain more visiblity for your brand.

Identify quick wins

When combined with our rank tracking and clustering insights, you’ll be able to quickly spot areas of your website where you perhaps have the wrong type of content ranking. Spin up a new piece, or alter existing pages accordingly, and capitilise on these quick wins.

Create content calendars easily

By combining our context/intent insight with the clustering insight, you’ll be able to effortlessly add a filter to your dataset and surface groups of keywords that trigger informational content. If you’ve also pulled in the rank you’ll clearly see gaps in your content strategy.

See it in action

The context report can be used to quickly identify gaps in your content strategy or help to efficiently identify the type of content you need to be creating for any group of keywords.

Please watch the video in full to understand how to apply the output data for your winning keyword research and SEO strategy.

Why do you call it "context" and not "intent"?

Our competitors often talk about intent, whereas we call our insight "context". We do this because our metric works slightly differently.

When we talk about context, we mean “what is the contextual setting around this keyword?”. Let's use the example of “CBD Oil” as a keyword. On first impressions, we'd probably guess that intent behind such a keyword is transactional; surely if you search "CBD Oil" you want to buy it right? Other tools often classify the intent of that keyword as such.

Enter “Keyword Context”. If you actually witnessed the SERPs for that keyword, you’ll notice a lot of the results tend to favour more “long-form” type and not “product pages”.

This is where our metric, keyword context comes in. For the keyword “CBD Oil”, Keyword Insights ® would show you that the majority of results on the search engine result page are informational.

To simplify, the intent behind the keyword is “transactional”, but the context of it, currently, is “informational” so you should create content that is too.

Benefits of using Keyword Insights


Unlike other free options which rely on NLP to group keywords, we use live search result page data. This means we're grouping keywords based on what Google is, not what an algorithm thinks should be grouped.

Cost Effective

Our pricing is very flexible. We have a wide range of subscription options (which can be cancelled any time) or you can simply pay as you go and top up as you need.


We've worked hard on scaling our backend to ensure your reports get back to you quickly. We know you don't want to be waiting around for results, so we've ensured we're the quickest comparable clustering solution out there.

More Features

Compared to our competitors, we offer many additional features which, when combined, result in powerful reports that can turbocharge your SEO strategy. Features unique to us include Title AI, keyword context and our hub and spoke reports.

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