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Included in plansFreeBasicProfessional, Premium, Agency
Searches per day 5 25 50
Keywords overlap 2 3 6
Priority Processing No Yes Yes
Multi location support No No Yes
SERP Similarity shift (coming soon) No No Yes
Whitelabeled branding No No Yes

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Included in plansFreeBasicProfessional, Premium, Agency
Searches per day 5 25 50
Analyze Google results (up to) 10 2030
Title ideas per search 4 816
Generate more titles No No Yes
Manual search intent analysis No Yes Yes
Search history No Yes Yes

How can Keyword Insights help your content marketing?

Execute your content marketing efforts with precision, time efficient, and get results.

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Identify content gaps

After clustering your keywords, we clearly display which of the clusters have no ranking URL by pulling your current rank & ranking URL for your keyword set.

Create new content strategies

Using our hub & spoke clustering method, we can find content ideas quickly. Creating central pages, known as “hubs” which link out to the various sub-pages.

Identify keyword cannibalisation

Our clusters show which keywords you can target on the same page. You may find that you have several pages ranking for keywords in the same cluster.

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Identify true search intent

Accurately predict the true search intent behind each keyword with our context report. KeywordInsights will clearly tell you whether a keyword requires a blog post.

Build your topic clusters

When combined with URL data, the report will allow you to see which clusters can be internally linked to speeding up, and improve your internal linking game.

AI assisted content briefs

Leading brands and agencies winning with Keyword Insights

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