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Are you often wondering whether two keywords mean the same thing and can be targeted on the same page? Can "architect fees" and "how much is an architect" be covered in the same article? We'll answer that for you.

You can enter 2 keywords (up to 6 in the PRO plan), select the country and language and click compare. We will look at the SERP results live and determine how similar the SERPs are for those keywords.

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Benefits of SERP Similarity

The SERP Similarity tool will quickly show you the overlap between two keywords.

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Check Similarity Quickly

Check SERP similarity between two keywords quickly without having to run through clustering.


Multi location and language

Check SERP similarity in any of the locations or languages.


Real Time Geo Specific Data

We use real-time geo-specific Google SERP lookup to get you the latest data without caching.


SERP Similarity Score

Our SERP Similarity score along with the visual representation will give you a similarity confidence score.

How to use the SERP simiarity tool?

Enter 2 keywords (up to 6 in the PRO plan), select the country and language and click compare.

We will do a live lookup of the SERP results for the selected country and language, work out the similarity, and give you a visual representation of the ranking URLs and SERP similarity score.

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What is the SERP similarity?

When you are working in SEO, you often come across a situation where you quickly want to know whether you can rank two similar keywords on a single page or need to create separate articles. The way to answer this question is to manually check the SERPs (Search engine results pages) to see how many common URLs rank for each keyword.

If we see a large number of similar pages ranking for both keywords, we can assume that both keywords can be targeted on a single page, and if we see a few common URLs, then we can assume these keywords need separate pages.

Our free SERP analysis tool removes the need for manually checking the search results; we'll look for you.

Brodie Clark picked our SERP Similarity tool as one of the best free SEO tools in 2023.

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Frequently asked questions

We have put together some commonly asked questions.

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I have to say the SERP similarity feature from Keyword Insights is amazing. It helps you decide between 1 page for both terms or 2 separate ones. Seeing the SERP per keyword side by side gives you lots of ideas. It's free for registered users Amazing work guys.

Orit Mutznik

SEO Director at Forbes and Forbes Advisor

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