AI Writing Assistant and Content Generator

Our AI-powered writing assistant is more than a tool - it's your personal writing coach. It streamlines your process, allowing you to research, write, and optimise all in one platform. With its proprietary grading metrics, it offers valuable insights and fine-tunes your work continuously.

From creating engaging paragraphs to switching tones, rewording sentences, and generating metadata, it's your all-in-one writing companion. Discover a smarter, quicker, and easier way to write.

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1 Research your content

Constructing the perfect blueprint for your content is effortless with our built-in content research tool. We extract and analyse data from the top 20 ranking pages and various other sources like Reddit, Quora, and People Also Asked boxes.

All this research is neatly organised in a dedicated tab within our AI writing tool, ready for you to pick engaging headings and questions. With a simple click, incorporate them into your work in the AI Writer.

Alternatively, you can quickly automate creating the outline by using the "auto outline" feature. Once clicked, we'll scan all the headings and topics of the top-ranking content, combine it with a bit of AI and come up with the skeleton of a piece of content for you.

2 Write your content

Unleash the power of our AI writing editor, a tool brimming with innovative features. Quick edits? Highlight paragraphs and transform them with rewrites, expansions, or summaries. Need a change of tone? It's as easy as highlighting a paragraph and clicking a "change tone of voice" button.

Generate fresh content or summaries in a snap, and effortlessly create optimized metadata. Our AI even doubles as a chat assistant, ever-ready to generate additional content as needed. Plus, enjoy seamless integration with AI image generation tools and, of course, all the essential text formatting options you anticipate in a normal text editor.

This is just a glimpse into our feature-rich editor. There's so much more in store, waiting to revolutionize your writing experience. The future of writing is here.

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3 Optimise your content

Experience content optimisation like never before with the optimisation feature within the AI writer. By scrutinising seven critical metrics - including word count, spelling, grammar, topical coverage, and keyword usage - we compare your content against top-ranking pieces. This data-driven approach empowers your writing to eclipse the competition.

And there's a twist! Even though our AI writes content, it also grades its own output, alerting you when things look "too AI". If any part feels overly tokenized, it'll prompt you to rewrite it in real-time, reducing the chances of being flagged by other AI detection tools.

Lastly, if you have an existing piece of content, worry not. Simply upload it into our content optimiser tool for swift and effective rejuvenation.

This just skims the surface of what our AI writing optimiser can do. With a slew of features waiting under the hood, we're ready to redefine your writing optimisation process.

4 Publish your content

Transitioning your work out of our editor is a breeze thanks to a multitude of handy copy and export options. Whether you prefer a simple copy-paste approach or require file exports, we've got you covered.

Currently, we're developing integrations with key platforms like WordPress and Google Docs. Once implemented, these will streamline your workflow even further, making the process of moving your articles from our editor to your chosen platform more seamless than ever.

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We encourage human colaboration

While other AI content creation tools may encourage full automation, we believe in the power of human-AI collaboration. Our system uses AI to evaluate its own output, ensuring the content produced doesn't appear overly machine-like. This makes your work more likely to bypass AI detection systems.

Versitile AI chat assistance at your ready

Our AI writer transcends typical writing tools by incorporating an interactive AI chat assistant. This assistant is poised to handle any writing task - be it crafting an intriguing introduction or providing reasons why cod liver oil is beneficial. It's the epitome of flexible AI writing, offering dynamic responses to a wide variety of requests.

Explore a new realm of adaptability in AI writing today.

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With Keyword Insights you can go all the way from keyword research to getting your content published on your website.

“The keyword insights tool is absolutely brilliant. It's been an essential part of our creating a whole new section of the site starting march last year, which is now responsible for approximately 150k /mo additional high-quality organic sessions, which we're very happy about. I very much appreciate the additions and improvements you've made to it over time.”

Sophie Bessemer

Head of content at Third Space Learning

Writer Assistant vs other tools

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  • Price
  • AI words written or no of AI Articles
  • SERP Intelligence
  • Reddit, Quora & PAA Intelligence
  • AI Chat Assistant
  • Ai Writer Templates
  • Real Time Content Grading
  • AI Content detection
  • SEO Content Optimization
  • Cluster Optimization
  • Topical Layer Optimization
  • Plagiarism Detection
  • Competitor analysis & Heatmap
  • AI Brief Generation
  • Generative Image Support
  • SEO workflow support

  • $58 per month
  • 50,000 AI words / 25 All Articles
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