Keyword Discovery Tool

Keyword Discovery allows you to quickly input a seed keyword and generate thousands of related terms, along with their search volumes, keyword difficulty and CPCs.

Download the CSV or push the list directly to our clustering feature from within the tool to understand which keywords can be grouped and what content your site is currently missing.

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Reduce your reliance on other, expensive keyword research tools

With an ever-growing keyword database, we'll give you thousands of keyword suggestions at a fraction of the price. Plus, we allow you to push your keyword list into our clustering algorithm with a button, making it far easier for you to make sense of and get insights.

Get and filter thousands of keywords using AI

Some keyword research tools can be hard to use, with hundreds of unnecessary features and limitations. Our powerful filtering options including our AI smart filter let you sort your keywords and lets you prepare your lists easily.

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Uncover your competitor's target keywords.

Our Keyword Distill feature enables you to enter a competitor's URL or domain and reveal all the keywords they are trying to target and already ranking for.

You can then push these keywords to our clustering feature from within the tool and compare it with your own domain to find any gaps in your content.

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Get thousands of related keywords using Keyword discovery, sort and filter using AI and send them for clustering.
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“Wow! Keywordinsights is basically what I wanted to build for years but had no idea how to go about it. So useful. Automating something we were spending a lot of time sussing out manually.”

John Henry Scherck

Founder & SEO @Growthplays

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