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Looking for some fresh blog ideas? Simply enter a keyword, and we’ll scrutinize the top 20 Google rankings, enhance it with a touch of AI magic, and promptly generate some new blog ideas for you.

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Benefits of Title AI

Our blog idea generator helps you over come writers block


Quick Idea Generator

Don’t start from scratch. Get immediate article suggestions inspired by top trends.


End Content Block

Stuck? Let us suggest topics that are proven to attract audiences.


AI-Powered Creativity

Beyond current trends, our AI thinks outside the box, giving you unique article angles.


Streamline Your Strategy

Let our tool guide your content calendar with endless article suggestions.

How to use Title AI

It's super simple. 

Type in a keyword, and we’ll check out the SERP results for your selected country and language right away. Then, we’ll come up with some new content ideas based on those results.

This means you’ll get blog ideas that are based on what’s ranking.

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What is Title AI?

Title AI is a versatile blog idea generator designed to simplify content creation. When you're stuck and need new ideas, just type in a keyword. Title AI instantly explores the SERP results for your selected country and language, providing a foundation to formulate unique content suggestions. It leverages real-time data, ensuring that the blog ideas presented are not only proven to rank but also serve as an innovative starting point for creators. The tool is user-friendly, making it a handy companion for anyone in need of original, ranking-driven blog ideas.

Go lite or Pro to unlock more features

Upgrade to the Lite or Pro versions of our tool for additional features.
These versions are included in your Keyword Insights subscription plans. Check out our pricing page for more details.

Included in plans

Searches per day

Analyze Google results (up to)

Title ideas per search

Generate more titles

Manual search intent analysis

We employ machine learning to automatically detect information pages within the SERPs, streamlining the process of generating title ideas for you. This eliminates the need for the manual approach, where you would traditionally have to tag SERP data yourself, ultimately saving you valuable time.

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Frequently asked questions

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