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Great content writing starts with excellent planning, and planning can be tedious. Our AI-driven content brief generator is designed to help you outline the perfect article quickly, effortlessly and at scale.

Outline and research content which will rank above your competitors in minutes, not hours.

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Outline and research great content, quickly.

Throw together the perfect content outline in minutes. We show you what ranks and we make it easy for you to improve on it.

  • We scrape the top 20 ranking pages and parse the ranking pages content for your keyword.
  • We extract all the important information from these pages and feed them to our sorting engine. We also scrape data from Reddit, Quora and People Also Asked boxes.
  • All the data is displayed in an easy to use brief creation interface. Quickly scan and drag interesting headings and questions to the content brief generator at the click of a button. Use our AI writer to help you modify or summerize paragraphs making it easier and quicker for your writer to expand on.
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Drag and drop builder.

We analyse the top 20 results of a given keyword and show you all their titles, headers and summarisations of their content. We also pull in any related forum questions and use AI to generate additional questions your readers may have.

Quickly scan through and “flick” across any headings and questions you deem relevant to outline a piece of content that'll be more comprehensive and cover more topics than all the other pieces combined. It’s like a pick-n’ mix.

Within 10 minutes, you’ll have a content brief outlining an article that is objectively better than your competitors.

Powerful AI

We use AI to summarise all the content under important headings into bullet points. It means your writer (or you if you’re writing) has existing content to work with, ensuring "writer's block" will never be an issue. It also significantly reduces the time needed for research.

If you've created your own headings, you can press a little button to generate powerful and accurate AI-written paragraphs.

Oh, and we also use AI to help you with the most boring part of any piece of content; the metadata.

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Answer questions that your competitors aren't.

To ensure you're answering questions your competitors are missing, we pull in related PAA, Quora and Reddit Questions and use our "Title AI" feature to generate additional unique queries.

Your content brief will be so hot.

Smart filtering to remove noise

Other content brief generator alternatives will often consider every ranking page, even transactional or irrelevant pages.

Our Machine learning-based intent classification allows you to easily filter out these types of pages so the data is more accurate and based on long-form articles.

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Export into Word or Google Docs

Once your brief or content outline is complete, you can download it onto Word or open it straight into Google Docs.

If you don’t use either, you can copy it to your clipboard (and pop it into Notion/Trello or whatever you use).

We use AI to help you speed up the content generation process but we don't allow you to write whole content pieces using it. We've done this on purpose.

AI-written content is useful and accurate for short paragraphs, like product descriptions or metadata.

When it comes to producing long-form articles, we don’t think AI-written content is good enough and we'd recommend against leaning completely on AI-driven content generation. There are several reasons we believe this:

  • Google recently announced that content generated using AI writing tools to manipulate Google search is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
  • Google’s recently launched a helpful content algorithm update which we believe is designed to target low quality AI written content.
  • We don’t believe an AI writer can write insightful and useful content than a real content writer with niche expertise.
  • We think rehasing the content written by others is not useful. Our system allows you to see gaps in others content.
  • The effectiveness of AI written content may be better in the short term, but when they are discovered over time, you may lose everything.

Why don’t you just have an AI writer?

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Great content writing starts with excellent planning, and planning can be tedious. Our AI-driven content brief generator is designed to help you outline the perfect article quickly, effortlessly and at scale.
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“The keyword insights tool is absolutely brilliant. It's been an essential part of our creating a whole new section of the site starting march last year, which is now responsible for approximately 150k /mo additional high-quality organic sessions, which we're very happy about. I very much appreciate the additions and improvements you've made to it over time.”

Sophie Bessemer

Head of content at Third Space Learning

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