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Keyword Insights – 2023 Highlights and Client Success Stories

Keyword Insights has experienced a remarkable year. Here are some of our key achievements of 2023👇:

  • We launched our AI Writer Assistant, a cutting-edge tool designed to help you write better content, quicker. We hope to make this a suitable rival to established platforms like Surfer SEO and Jasper. 🤖
  • Significant enhancements were made to our Keyword Clustering module, elevating its performance and capabilities. 💪
  • Our Keyword Discovery tool received substantial upgrades, making it more efficient and user-friendly. 😉
  • We improved our freemium offerings, including SERP Explorer and SERP Similarity, enhancing their functionality and user experience. 🔥
  • The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of the tool in general underwent transformative changes, focusing on ease of use and streamlined navigation. 💡
  • We’ve strategically reduced prices, positioning ourselves as the most cost-effective keyword clustering tool available in the market. 🤑

Additionally, we are thrilled to have onboarded some of the world’s largest corporations onto our platform. The fact that globally recognized brands choose our software is not only humbling but also a testament to the quality and value we provide. We extend our deepest gratitude to our clients and supporters for making this journey so rewarding.

For those of you who don’t know, Keyword Insights also offers a managed service where our team of highly skilled SEOs, content writers and link builders work with you in implementing a strategy. We’ve achieved some amazing things here too 👇

We’ve grown our client’s traffic to the moon 🚀

We achieved an average organic traffic increase of 966%. Excluding extreme cases, like a startup we boosted by over 5,000%, our average increase was still an impressive 288.54%.

See below some of the top-level results we’ve had along with a brief explanation of the work we carried out.

Client 1 – CBD Sales (Ecommerce – USA)

~209% Increase In Organic Traffic

This client has an E-commerce site which sells its own, high-quality range of CBD products. The work we did included:

  1. Content Creation with Tactical Internal Links Built Back to Key Category Pages:
    • Developed and implemented a strategic content marketing plan focusing on high-quality, informative articles and blog posts related to CBD products. Each piece of content was carefully integrated with internal links, directing readers to relevant key category pages. This approach not only enriched the user experience but also strengthened the website’s internal link structure, boosting the SEO value of these key pages.
  2. New Category Pages Created Based on “Alternative Keyword Research” Methods:
    • Identified and capitalized on untapped keyword opportunities through innovative keyword research methods. This involved analyzing search trends, competitor keywords, and long-tail phrases related to CBD. Based on these insights, new category pages were created, targeting these less competitive yet highly relevant keywords. This strategy aimed to capture additional traffic from niche segments and improve overall search visibility.
  3. PR Work:
    • Executed a comprehensive public relations campaign to elevate the brand’s visibility and reputation in the CBD industry. This included outreach to industry influencers, press releases, and collaborations with authoritative websites for feature articles and guest posts. The objective was to garner high-quality backlinks and mentions from reputable sources, which significantly enhanced the site’s domain authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Client 2 – Identity Fraud Prevention Software (SaaS – USA)

~221.43% Increase in Organic Traffic to Important Subfolders

This client provides identity theft protection and credit monitoring services. We were largely focused on improving their guides and top-of-the-funnel content. The work we did included:

  1. Complete Content Audit Resulting in:
    • Conducted a thorough audit of the existing content on the website. This comprehensive review assessed the relevance, performance, and SEO effectiveness of each piece of content. The goal was to identify areas where improvements could be made to align more closely with current SEO best practices and the target audience’s needs.
  2. Content Deletion:
    • Removed outdated, underperforming, or irrelevant content as a result of the audit. This step was crucial in decluttering the website and ensuring that only high-quality, relevant content remained. By eliminating these low-value pages, we aimed to enhance the overall user experience and improve the website’s search engine rankings, as search engines favour websites with consistently valuable and updated content.
  3. Content Refresh:
    • Updated and revitalized existing content that had potential but was not performing to its fullest. This included revising articles, guides, and pages to include up-to-date information, incorporating relevant keywords, and improving readability and engagement. The refreshed content was designed to be more relevant and useful to the target audience, thereby increasing the likelihood of higher search engine rankings and user engagement.
  4. Internal Linking Optimization:
    • Improved the internal linking structure of the website by strategically placing links within content to other relevant pages and guides. This optimization aimed to enhance user navigation and distribute page authority throughout the site more effectively. By guiding users to additional relevant content, we aimed to increase page views, reduce bounce rates, and signal to search engines the interconnectedness and depth of the site’s content.

Client 3 – Shipping Container Sales (Brochure Site/Ecommerce – UK)

~300% Increase in Organic Traffic

This client manufactures, sells and rents shipping containers for commercial or private use. They also offer shipping container conversion services where they convert shipping containers into offices, gyms, swimming pools, smoking shelters and, well, basically anything. The work we did included:

  1. Completely New Website and Branding:
    • Developed a brand-new website with a modern, user-friendly design to better represent the client’s range of services and products. This included an updated visual identity that reflects the brand’s values and market positioning. The new website was designed to improve user experience, enhance engagement, and better convey the unique selling points of the client’s offerings.
  2. Revamped Information Architecture Planned Using Meticulous Keyword Research and Keyword Clustering:
    • Implemented a new information architecture based on extensive keyword research and clustering techniques. This process involved identifying high-value keywords relevant to the client’s business and organizing the website’s content structure around these terms. The aim was to make the website more intuitive for users and to enhance its visibility in search engine results for targeted queries.
  3. Content Deletion:
    • Removed outdated or irrelevant content from the website as part of its overhaul. This step was taken to streamline the website’s content strategy, focusing on maintaining high-quality, relevant, and engaging content that aligns with the user’s search intent and the brand’s messaging.
  4. Content Creation:
    • Created new, optimized content tailored to the client’s business areas, including detailed pages about shipping container products, rental services, and conversion projects. The content was designed to be informative, engaging, and optimized for search engines, incorporating targeted keywords to improve search rankings and attract the right audience.
  5. Category Pages Updated with Useful Content:
    • Enhanced existing category pages with comprehensive, useful content. This involved adding detailed descriptions, FAQs, and relevant information that not only provides value to the users but also helps in ranking these pages for specific, targeted search queries.
  6. Internal Linking Optimization:
    • Improved the internal linking strategy to ensure a seamless user experience and to distribute page authority throughout the site. This involved strategically placing internal links to guide users to relevant content, encouraging deeper engagement with the website and assisting in establishing a clear, hierarchical website structure for search engines.

Client 4 – Steel Security Door Sales (Ecommerce – UK)

~55% Increase in Organic Traffic (in 2023. Since we’ve worked with them it’s been 244.44%)

The client manufactures, imports and sells steel security doors and fire exits. The work we did included:

  1. Link Disavowing:
    • Conducted a comprehensive analysis of the client’s backlink profile to identify and disavow harmful or low-quality links. This process involved manually assessing the quality and relevance of incoming links and then submitting a disavow file to search engines. The objective was to protect the site from potential penalties and negative SEO impacts associated with these undesirable links.
  2. Content Refreshes:
    • Updated existing content across the website to ensure it remained relevant, accurate, and engaging. This included revising product descriptions, blog posts, and informational pages with the latest information about steel security doors and fire exits. The refreshes also involved optimizing content with current best SEO practices to improve search engine visibility.
  3. Content Deletion:
    • Removed outdated, irrelevant, or underperforming content from the website. This step was crucial in maintaining a focused and high-quality content strategy, ensuring that all information presented to visitors was up-to-date and relevant to their interests and search queries.
  4. Content Creation Using Keyword Clustering to Identify Pages That Needed to Be Created:
    • Developed new content based on a strategic approach using keyword clustering. This involved grouping similar keywords and creating content that addresses these clusters, ensuring comprehensive coverage of topics related to steel security doors and fire exits. This method helped in targeting a broader range of relevant search queries and attracting a more diverse audience.
  5. Internal Linking Optimization:
    • Enhanced the website’s internal linking structure to improve navigation and distribute page authority more effectively. This involved strategically placing links within content to guide users to other relevant pages on the site, thereby improving user engagement and assisting search engine crawlers in understanding the site structure.
  6. Set up hreflang between UK and New Australia Site:
    • Implemented hreflang tags to manage the language and regional targeting for the UK and the newly launched Australian site. This was essential in directing users to the most appropriate version of the site based on their location and language preferences, improving user experience and ensuring that search engines correctly indexed the different regional versions.

Client 5 – Steel Security Door Sales (Ecommerce – Australia)

~184% Increase in Organic Traffic (in 2023. Since we’ve worked with them it’s been 5713.95%)

The client manufactures, imports and sells steel security doors and fire exits. It is the Australian arm of the UK site mentioned above. The work we did included:

  1. Content from UK Site Localized and hreflang Set Up:
    • Adapted and localized the content from the UK website for the Australian market. This process included modifying the content to suit Australian English nuances, incorporating local terms, and addressing region-specific needs and preferences. Additionally, hreflang tags were implemented to signal to search engines the relationship between the UK and Australian sites, ensuring the correct regional version is served to users based on their location.
  2. PR Work:
    • Executed a targeted public relations strategy to increase brand awareness and credibility in the Australian market. This involved reaching out to local media outlets, industry influencers, and relevant online platforms for feature articles, interviews, and press releases. The goal was to generate high-quality backlinks and positive media coverage, thus enhancing the brand’s online authority and visibility.
  3. New Category Pages Created and Named Based on Keyword Clustering Work:
    • Developed new category pages, with their names and content derived from extensive keyword clustering research. This approach involved identifying groups of related keywords and creating category pages that comprehensively cover these topics. This strategy aimed to capture a wide range of relevant search queries, thereby improving the site’s search engine visibility and user relevance.
  4. Category Page Content Optimization:
    • Enhanced the content on existing and newly created category pages to ensure they were fully optimized for search engines and user engagement. This included integrating targeted keywords, improving content quality and relevance, and ensuring a cohesive user experience. The optimized content aimed to provide value to the users while also aligning with search engine algorithms to boost rankings.
  5. Internal Linking Optimization:
    • Improved the internal linking structure across the website to enhance user navigation and distribute page authority effectively. This involved strategically placing internal links within and between category pages and other relevant content, facilitating a smoother user experience and helping search engines understand the site’s structure and content hierarchy.

Client 6 – DIY Hardware Sales (Ecommerce – UK)

~100% Increase in Organic Traffic

This client sells DIY hardware solutions to both the trade and the public. They offer a variety of products, including door handles, hinges, locks, and more. The work we did included:

  1. New Information Architecture Set Up Based on Keyword Research and Keyword Clustering:
    • Developed a new information architecture for the website, grounded in comprehensive keyword research and clustering. This process involved identifying primary and secondary keywords related to DIY hardware solutions and organizing the site’s structure to reflect these keyword groups. The objective was to create a website layout that is both user-friendly and optimized for search engines, ensuring easy navigation and improved visibility for targeted search queries.
  2. Internal Linking Optimization:
    • Enhanced the internal linking strategy to create a more cohesive and interconnected website structure. This involved strategically placing links within content to guide users to related products and informational pages. By improving the internal link structure, we aimed to increase user engagement, reduce bounce rates, and assist search engines in understanding the relevance and relationship between different pages.
  3. PR Work:
    • Executed a public relations campaign to build brand awareness and authority in the DIY hardware industry. This included outreach to industry influencers, collaborations with DIY blogs and forums, and press releases highlighting the client’s products and expertise. The goal was to generate quality backlinks and coverage, thereby increasing the brand’s online presence and credibility.
  4. Long-Form Content Production:
    • Produced long-form content pieces such as detailed guides, how-to articles, and in-depth product reviews. This content was tailored to engage the DIY community, providing valuable insights and information about using hardware solutions effectively. By focusing on long-form content, we aimed to establish the client as a thought leader in the industry, improve organic search rankings, and attract and retain a more engaged audience.

Client 7 – CBD Sales 2 (Europe)

~221.43% increase in Organic Visibility

This client sells a wide variety of CBD products across Europe. Initially, they had a single ENG site with euros capturing all English-speaking markets. Of course, this offered a poor customer experience for people in the UK who would prefer to see GBP. They also had a significantly inflated DR due to years of spammy link-building. The work we carried out included:

  1. Complete Content Overhaul. All Previous Content Was Deleted or Updated:
    • Undertook a comprehensive revision of the website’s content. This involved a thorough assessment of all existing content, leading to the deletion of outdated or irrelevant material and the substantial updating of the remaining content. The focus was on ensuring all content was accurate, relevant, and aligned with current SEO best practices, as well as tailored to meet the informational needs of the European CBD market.
  2. New Language Folders Created with hreflang Set Up Between Them:
    • Established new language-specific versions of the website to cater to the diverse European market. This involved creating separate folders for different languages, ensuring that content was appropriately localized and culturally relevant. The hreflang attribute was implemented to manage these language variations, signalling to search engines which version of the site to show to users based on their language and location, thereby improving the user experience for a multi-lingual audience.
  3. Internal Linking Optimization:
    • Refined the website’s internal linking strategy to enhance navigation and the overall user experience. This optimization involved strategically placing links within content to guide users to related information, products, or categories. Such a structure not only helps users find relevant information more efficiently but also aids search engines in understanding the site’s structure and content relationships.
  4. Category and Product Page Content Completely Written:
    • Developed new, optimized content for all category and product pages. This content was crafted to be informative, engaging, and keyword-rich, focusing on the unique aspects and benefits of CBD products. The goal was to provide valuable information to users, while also optimizing these pages to rank well in search engines for relevant queries.
  5. Massive Disavow List:
    • Compiled and submitted a substantial disavow list to search engines. This was a crucial step in distancing the site from harmful or low-quality backlinks that could negatively impact its SEO performance. By disavowing these links, the aim was to improve the website’s credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines, which is particularly important in the competitive and scrutinized CBD market.

Client 8 – Property Renting (Europe)

~723.53% Increase in Organic Visibility

This client operates a prominent property rental search website. They aim to rank highly for searches such as “flats for rent in London” and “2 bedroom apartments in Barcelona”. However, since December 2021, they’ve faced challenges due to multiple algorithm updates, resulting in a significant drop in their website traffic, reaching a record low in March 2023.

  1. Traffic Drop Analysis:
    • Conducted an in-depth analysis to diagnose the reasons behind the observed drop in website traffic. This included examining various factors such as recent Google algorithm updates, backlink profile changes, on-site technical issues, content quality, and user behaviour analytics. The goal was to identify specific areas that contributed to the decline in traffic and to develop a strategic plan to address these issues and recover lost traffic.
  2. Intent Modification for All Category Pages:
    • Revised the content and structure of all category pages to better align with user intent. This process involved analyzing current search trends, understanding the target audience’s needs, and ensuring that the content on these pages accurately and effectively addressed those needs. The modifications aimed to improve the relevance of these pages in search engine results, thereby attracting more targeted and qualified traffic.
  3. Internal Linking Optimization:
    • Enhanced the internal linking strategy across the website to improve site navigation and content discoverability. This involved creating more intuitive and relevant links between different pages, particularly focusing on linking to and from category pages. By optimizing these internal links, the goal was to distribute page authority and relevance throughout the site, enhancing the overall SEO performance and user experience.

Other Highlights…

On top of our regular work for the clients we mentioned earlier, we’ve also tackled a bunch of one-off projects. This includes doing some highly specialized keyword research and content strategies for some big-name companies in the health-care and legal spaces.

We’ve got a bunch of new retainers kicking off in January, and we can’t wait to share their progress with you next year!

From the makers of Keyword Insights, a SaaS tool to help with your content marketing. 

Contact us today if you’d like to explore our managed services that will send your organic traffic to the moon 🚀.

Andy Chadwick

Andy Chadwick

Andy Chadwick is a digital marketing consultant, specializing in SEO. He has been in the industry since 2013 and worked with start-up companies (he grew his own start-up to a turnover of £2.5 million in 3 years) as well as international organizations. He’s also worked in-house as well as agency side. Andy runs a successful SEO consulting business in the UK as well as Snippet Digital SEO consultancy with Suganthan.

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    Start your trial today for only $1

    Sign up today for a $1 trial and enjoy access to 6000 keyword clustering credits, 3 Keyword discovery searches, 1 Content Brief and Pro versions of SERP Similarity, SERP Explorer.

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