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Keyword Insights – V3

After nine solid months of grafting away, we’re excited to announce that V3 of Keyword Insights has officially gone live today, the 7th of August, 2023.

Loads of our time and effort have gone into beefing up our back-end infrastructure, getting it all shipshape and solid for the future. This means, at least on the surface, it might look like we’ve just tinkered around the edges a bit. But don’t be fooled, there’s more than meets the eye here. This revamp means we’re now in a top spot to bring you some cracking new tools in the next few weeks.

Here’s what dropped today. Keep reading as we’ll start with the mundane and get to the more exciting stuff towards the end.

Improved UX and workflow

The old workflow and user experience could have been a tad puzzling, we know. You might remember that depending on the feature you used, your earlier projects got tucked away in different nooks and crannies, making it a bit of a treasure hunt to dig up and search for past work. But no more! Now, all your projects are kept neatly together in one place. You can easily access them from the left panel, right here:

And then select the feature you want to access historical reports from here:

Also, we’ve noticed that a lot of you have mainly been using our clustering tool or our content brief generation feature. We’re on a mission to move away from being pigeonholed as just a “keyword clustering tool“… Far from it, we’re an all-inclusive, all-round, content marketing powerhouse. We want to be your one-stop-shop for keyword research, keyword clustering, and content writing, offering you a seamless workflow. So, we’ve put our backs into making sure all these features mesh well with each other, and to remind you that this is your ideal workflow:

Revised Pricing Structure

We’ve made some adjustments to our pricing tiers, with the lowest tier now starting at $58/month. However, for those already on our $49/month plan, don’t fret – we’ve grandfathered you. We’ve also rethought how we charge for the insights you select within the clustering feature. You may remember being charged 2 credits per keyword when you selected options like “intent”, “cluster”, and “rank”. We’ve streamlined this – now it’s just 1 credit per keyword, no matter which options you choose. This essentially means you can now cluster twice as many keywords for the same cost as before.

We’ve also decided to bid farewell to our universal credit system. Previously, you could purchase credits to spend as you wished across our platform. Now, these credits will exclusively be used for clustering. For our other features, depending on your subscription tier, you’ll be allotted a certain number of “runs”.

This change was necessary as we’re gearing up to introduce a host of exciting new features to Keyword Insights (stick around, we’ll delve into this shortly), which just wouldn’t have gelled with a universal credits-based system. Plus, it makes our pricing model so much more straightforward. We agree that it was a bit of a head-scratcher before.

Improved Keyword Discovery

If you’ve previously used our Keyword Discovery tool, you might not have been blown away. Our database was on the smaller side, the filtering was pretty basic, and you had to part with your hard-earned cash before even catching sight of any keywords. Well, we’ve gone back to the drawing board and given it a complete overhaul. Now, there are three different ways you can discover keywords – by popping in a seed keyword, a target domain, or a folder.

If you choose to enter a seed keyword, we’ll actually give you an overview of that keyword now showing you things like, the live SERP and Google trends:

When you click to view all the keywords, you’ll have the usual filtering options at your disposal, much like other keyword research tools. But what’s more, we’ve introduced our “AI Smart filter”. This is a dead easy way to swiftly sift through keywords that match your criteria, without the need to pile up a ton of “includes” and “excludes” filters. Fancy all keywords with different colours? Just type this into the filter and we’ll serve up options like “blue trainers”, “pink trainers”, “green trainers”, and “black trainers”. No need to type in each colour variation into the filter – we’ve got you covered!

Caveat: Our keyword database is much better now, but still not massive. We’re adding a load more features and data to Keyword Discovery in the coming weeks but we’re confident it’ll still provide a decent alternative to your favourite SEO tools.

Keyword Clustering – Improved Visualisations

We’re working hard on enhancing our visualisations, making them more engaging and easier to explore. Our new “topical clusters” visualisation is a doddle to use, making it straightforward to spot whole topic clusters that your target site might be overlooking.

Simply add “context” and “rank” to your clustering project and you’ll find the “topical clusters” tab in your report when it’s done.

There are a number of new visualisations coming too. We’re excited to show you :).

Improved Team Sharing

In the past, you could add team members and additional users to your account, but their interaction was limited to just sharing credits. There was no way to access each other’s projects or see how your credits were being used.

We’ve given our team-sharing capabilities a complete makeover. Now it operates exactly how you’d hoped. Different users can be assigned various roles, with admins having full control and complete visibility into what features team members are using and how they’re put to work. Furthermore, team members can now collaborate on different projects, easily continuing where a colleague left off.

Structurally, this was probably the biggest change we had to make and where a lot of our resources went into.

Upgraded SERP Similarity

We’ve given a major facelift to one of our most popular features – SERP Similarity. In its previous version, it was completely free for unlimited use and enabled you to perform a quick comparison of the SERP similarity between two keywords (in other words, see how similar the SERPs are for two keywords, based on the number of URLs they share). While you can still check two keywords for free, we’ve introduced a variety of added perks for those on our subscription tiers.

For Pro account holders, the feature’s capabilities have been expanded to allow you to examine up to six keywords at once, and to add numerous additional “sets” to each project.

The ability to add more sets offers greater flexibility in keeping related searches bundled together and/or in easily comparing the differences across varied countries and languages. For instance, suppose you were curious to know if “houses for sale California” and “homes for sale California” could be targeted on the same page. At the same time, you wanted to check the same for “flats for sale California” and “apartments for sale California”. As these are all related to “properties”, you’d likely prefer to have the results saved under the same project for convenience.

By categorising them as two separate “sets”, they can be neatly organised together, making it easier to locate them. See the illustrations below for a clearer picture.

There are also cooler visuals. Depending on how many keywords you’re checking (up to 6), you can toggle which keywords are compared against each other really easily.

Upgraded SERP Explorer

No VPN, no problem. Our SERP explorer allows users to view the search engine result pages in any country and in any language; a perfect tool for those with clients in different countries.

We make it incredibly easy to export this data or take a screenshot and send to your clients:

SERP Explorer remains complimentary, but we’ve juiced it up for our paying customers. For example, people on our pro plan will keep their search history and be able to view up to the top 100 results:

As well as being able to try different search engines:

Other improvements

  • We’ve made significant improvements to the stability and speed of the system.
  • We’ve fixed or improved many UX bugs and preferences that have been suggested to us by you lovely people.

What’s next?

  • Later this month, we’re all set to unveil our Writer Assistant. This is our own writing editor, souped-up with AI and a dash of our unique magic. Picture Microsoft Word meeting ChatGPT, developed by a pair of SEO pros with over two decades of experience between them. This tool will let you create and optimise existing articles in a swift, simple, and scalable manner. If you’re currently using Jasper or Surfer SEO, our Writer Assistant will make for a smashing alternative. It’s the final piece of our puzzle in realising our ambition of being a comprehensive, 360-degree content marketing platform, enabling you to discover your keywords, cluster them, and then craft the content all under one roof.
  • Next month we plan on dropping Social Radar. A top-secret tool that will make us truly the go-to source for your “Keyword Insights”.
  • By December we’ll have unveiled around 5 other new game-changing features that we can’t speak much more about at this time.

Anyway, that about rounds it all off. Thanks so much for all your support,

Love and champagne,

Andy, Suganthan & Mykola

Andy Chadwick

Andy Chadwick

Andy Chadwick is a digital marketing consultant, specializing in SEO. He has been in the industry since 2013 and worked with start-up companies (he grew his own start-up to a turnover of £2.5 million in 3 years) as well as international organizations. He’s also worked in-house as well as agency side. Andy runs a successful SEO consulting business in the UK as well as Snippet Digital SEO consultancy with Suganthan.

Start your trial today for only $1

Sign up today for a $1 trial and enjoy access to 6000 keyword clustering credits, 3 Keyword discovery searches, 1 Content Brief and Pro versions of SERP Similarity, SERP Explorer.

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    Start your trial today for only $1

    Sign up today for a $1 trial and enjoy access to 6000 keyword clustering credits, 3 Keyword discovery searches, 1 Content Brief and Pro versions of SERP Similarity, SERP Explorer.

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