How Databox drove $50K in ARR using Keyword Insights

Organic traffic increased by 118% after the redesign of the website.

Suganthan Mohanadasan

Last Updated Nov 10, 2022

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IndustryData analytics

Connect all of your data in one place, visualize performance trends, monitor progress toward your goals, make more informed decisions, collaborate and report as you go with custom views and deep-dives for each function in your organization. Databox helps you to track the performance of your company, teams and individuals anytime and anywhere.

Traffic increase
Revenue increase
Keyword research hours saved


Databox is a business analytics platform that pulls all of your data into one place so you can track performance and discover insights in real time. Mix and match data from different sources in a dashboard and in a report to get a more complete view of your performance at a glance. Databox offers dozens of one-click integrations with sources like Google Analytics, Salesforce, HubSpot, Mixpanel, Facebook, Shopify, and more.

Databox was in need of a tool to automate the process of analyzing search intent and clustering keywords at scale. Having tried other tools previously, they didn’t meet all their needs and the KI was significantly slower than that of Keyword Insights.

The Story of Databox

Databox helps businesses improve their performance by building dashboards to connect data, build and share reports, monitor trends, and discover insights from any tool on any device. Their mission is to make it as easy as possible for everyone in a company to monitor, analyze, and improve performance in one spot on any device. With a simple drag-and-drop designer, creating strong dashboards and reports is easier than ever.

Databox believes that data is about more than just numbers. They want to bring their users even more ways to share meaningful insights. Most of all, they want to help growing teams and agencies take reporting to a new level through the power of automation. 

As the main goal of Databox is to help automate their clients’ processes, they were in search of a tool to automate their own content development processes.

The Challenge of Analyzing Search Intent and Clustering Keywords at Scale Before Keyword Insights

Databox produces a lot of content, so in order to scale that, they needed to make their processes more efficient. Before Keyword Insights, they tried other tools or were doing it manually, which was super time-consuming.

Why Databox Chose Keyword Insights

We found your tool [Keyword Insights] on Google and signed up.” 

Having previously tried other clustering and search intent solutions (like Keyword Cupid and Cluster AI) they didn’t have all the features Databox needed, and they weren’t as fast as Keyword Insights.

How Databox Used Keyword Insights

Databox primarily used the Keyword Clustering feature with the following options: Cluster, Context and Rank.

They found the Rank feature very useful because they already have a ton of content ranking in Google, so with the Rank feature, they made sure their current content is performing, but also had the opportunity to bring data-based, informed decisions on how to move forward in regards to it (update it, merge it, split it, etc.). Databox now does really extensive Keyword Research and content planning in hours instead of days.

The Results

Databox first launched a small project with the help of Keyword Insights and was able to redesign and optimize its template gallery. These redesigns increased organic sessions by 118%, but increases were also seen in sign-ups of 8.42%, new trials increased by 16.58% and new paid users increased by 2.44%.

Additionally, this small project brought over $50k in ARR for Databox in the first 8 months of 2022.

As soon as you have the need to analyze the Organic Search landscape, which means understanding how people are looking for solutions like yours or information about the problems they’re having, you should try Keyword Insights, you won’t look back again. You’ll see the value the first day your team uses it.


Borja Prieto

Growth Marketing Manager @ Databox

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