AI Driven Content Briefs

Great content writing starts with great planning. And planning can be tedious.

Our AI driven content brief application is designed to help you outline the perfect article quickly, effortlessly and at scale.

Create incredibly detailed briefs that can be sent to writers, or use it yourself to quickly research and outline the skeleton of what you will be writing.

What Makes Our Content Brief Creator Powerful?

Drag and Drop Builder

We pull in the top 20 results for any given keyword and show you all their titles, headers and summarisations of their content all in one, easy viewing pane. 

Your goal is to create a piece of content that is more informative than anyone else’s right? Simply scan through, viewing all the headings and subheadings of your competitors, and “flick” across any that you like to your brief. Within 10 minutes you’ll have outlined a piece of content thats more comprehensive than all the others combined. It’s like a pick n’ mix. 

Powerful AI

We don’t just show you the headings. We’ll also summarise all the content under the headings into bullet points that you can also pull into your brief. It means your writer (or you if you’re writing), isn’t going in blind and will significantly reduce the amount of time they have to do research.

As you can add your own headings or pull ideas in from Reddit or People Also Ask, there won’t always be bullet points to summarise. No worries – there’s a little button you can press and we’ll use AI to generate a paragraph for you. Oh and we also use AI to help you with the metadata. 

Multiple Data Points

People often turn to forums when they can’t find answers online. To make sure you can service those, and to ensure you have content that is more comprehensive than your competitors, we pull in People Also Ask and Reddit Questions. We also add to this by generating some AI driven questions that others perhaps hadn’t thought about either. 

Export Into Word Or Google Docs

Once your brief or content outline is complete, you can download it onto word or open it straight into Google Docs. If you don’t use either of them, you can also copy it to your clipboard (and pop it into Notion/Trello or whatever you use).

See it in action

Start outlining and producing better, more detailed content briefs in less time. View the video to see just how easy it is. 

Benefits of using Keyword Insights


Unlike other free options which rely on NLP to group keywords, we use live search result page data. This means we're grouping keywords based on what Google is, not what an algorithm thinks should be grouped.

Cost Effective

Our pricing is very flexible. We have a wide range of subscription options (which can be cancelled any time) or you can simply pay as you go and top up as you need.


We've worked hard on scaling our backend to ensure your reports get back to you quickly. We know you don't want to be waiting around for results, so we've ensured we're the quickest comparable clustering solution out there.

More Features

Compared to our competitors, we offer many additional features which, when combined, result in powerful reports that can turbocharge your SEO strategy. Features unique to us include Title AI, keyword context and our hub and spoke reports.

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