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Master Topical Authority With Keyword Insights

Keyword Insights is the first dedicated tool designed to help brands become topical authorities within their niche. Within the same platform, you can generate thousands of keyword ideas, group them into strategic topic clusters, and seamlessly push them into our AI Writing Assistant to create or optimize content.

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Autopilot your content strategy
in 4 simple steps

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Generate a large list of keywords around a given topic quickly and easily.



Group your list of keywords and easily uncover any topical clusters missing from your content.



Based on the clustering report, use our AI-driven content brief generator to quickly outline a piece of content which will rank.

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Send the brief to your content writer or team with a click of a button.

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Keyword Discovery

Input a single keyword & generate many more

Reduce your reliance on other paid tools and carry out your complete keyword research all within Keyword Insights. Keyword Discovery allows you to input a seed keyword and generate hundreds of related and similar terms quickly.


Keyword Clustering

Group keywords that have the same intent together, quickly

Do you have a list of keywords and are unsure which ones can be grouped together and targeted on the same page? Does the keyword "architect fees" and the keyword "how much are architects" need two different articles written about it to rank for both?

Keyword Insights allows you to easily cluster up to 2.5 million keywords at once allowing you to see very quickly when "sets" of keywords fall into different groups and need to be targeted on different pages.

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Search Intent (Context)

Quickly identify the search intent behind keywords at scale

Upload your list, and using state-of-the-art machine learning we’ll inform you how many of the results are informational, transactional and how many are some other types of content out of the top 10 results on Google.


Topic Clusters

Focus on optimising for topical clusters, not keywords

A successful content strategy should prioritize topics over individual keywords. Keyword Insights enables you to see all related keywords grouped, showing you which pages need to be created and the keywords they can target. Our platform further organizes these groups into "topic clusters," allowing you to plan and write content that positions you as a topical authority. Within our competitor visibility tab, you can also benchmark your performance against competitors for a given topic.

Agencies and SEOs using Keyword Insights have reported up to 1,200% time savings and an average 300% increase in organic traffic.

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Content Briefs

Outline a comprehensive content brief in minutes

Great content writing starts with great planning, and planning can be tedious. Ensure your content covers important headings, answers key questions and is more comprehensive than any of your competitors quickly and at scale with our AI-driven content briefing tool.

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Writer Assist

Write, optimize and publish your content

Our AI-powered writing assistant is your personal coach, streamlining your process by combining research, writing, and optimization in one platform. With proprietary grading metrics, it provides valuable insights and continuously fine-tunes your work. From engaging paragraphs to tone switching, sentence rewording, and metadata generation, it's your all-in-one writing companion. Experience a smarter, quicker, and easier way to write.


How can Keyword Insights help your content marketing?

Execute your content marketing efforts with precision, time efficient, and get results.

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Identify content gaps

After clustering your keywords, we clearly display which of the clusters have no ranking URL by pulling your current rank & ranking URL for your keyword set.

Create new content strategies

Using our hub & spoke clustering method, we can find content ideas quickly. Creating central pages, known as “hubs” which link out to the various sub-pages.

Identify keyword cannibalisation

Our clusters show which keywords you can target on the same page. You may find that you have several pages ranking for keywords in the same cluster.

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Identify true search intent

Accurately predict the true search intent behind each keyword with our context report. KeywordInsights will clearly tell you whether a keyword requires a blog post.

Build your topic clusters

When combined with URL data, the report will allow you to see which clusters can be internally linked to speeding up, and improve your internal linking game.

AI assisted content briefs

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