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Starting with a seed keyword, you’re able to generate hundreds of related keywords, cluster them and then produce incredibly detailed content briefs effortlessly and without leaving our platform.

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Your content strategy sorted in 4 simple steps:

Generate a large list of keywords around a given topic quickly and easily (or upload your own list).

Cluster your list of keywords. This will highlight the pages you need to create and which keywords can be targeted on those pages.

Based on the clustering report, use our AI driven content brief generator to outline relevant, detailed content briefs in minutes.

Send the brief to your content writer or team with a click of a button.

Key Features

Keyword Discovery

Input a single keyword and generate hundreds of relevant and topically similar keywords with a click of a button.

Keyword Context

Keyword Insights ® will accurately identify the intent behind all of the keywords uploaded. You’ll quickly be able to understand whether a keyword needs to be targeted by a long form article or a product page.

Keyword Clustering

Use our keyword clustering feature to quickly identify topic clusters and understand which pages you need to create (and also which pages you should have combined).

Content Brief Generation

Thoroughly research your content before it’s written to stand the best chance of ranking. Our content brief generator helps you outline a comprehensive brief in minutes. Use it for yourself or send it to another writer to ensure they cover a topic comprehensively.

Why Choose Keyword Insights® ?

Identify Content Gaps

After clustering your keywords, we clearly display which of the clusters have no ranking URL. By pulling your current rank & ranking URL for your keyword set, you can quickly see gaps in your content.

Create Content Strategies

Using our hub and spoke clustering method, we can find content ideas quickly. Creating central pages, known as “hubs”, which link out to the various sub-pages, known as “cluster content”, ensures that search engines get a better understanding of each topic as the content from each cluster passes its semantic relevance onto the pillar.

Identify Keyword Cannibalisation

Our clusters show which keywords you can target on the same page. You may find that you have several pages ranking for keywords in the same cluster. If so, you may be able to consolidate these pages and increase your chances of ranking by reducing keyword cannibalisation.

Indentify True Search Intent

Accurately predict the true search intent behind each keyword with our context report. Keyword insights ® will clearly tell you whether a keyword requires a blog post or a product page. You’ll be amazed at how often you were trying to rank the wrong type of page.

Find Internal Linking Oppurtunities

When combined with URL data, the report will allow you to see which clusters can be internally linked to speeding up, and improving, your internal linking game.

Build Your Topic Clusters

Build topic clusters around parent keywords. Our report will clearly show you what the main keyword each page should target is, whilst also showing you all the other keywords that page can target.

Incredible Speed And Scale

Our backend uses state of the art scaling system which is fully powered by cloud technology. Allows us to process upto 4 million keywords per day at incredible speeds. (We are X3000 faster than our closest competitor)

AI Assisted Content Briefs

Your content is as good as your brief. Our AI assist will help you build content briefs saving you many hours and give your writers the necessary datapoints and suggestions without overwhelming them.

Bring Your Own Data or Use Our Data

Keyword Insights ® is built for regular and advance users in mind. You can use Keyword discovery module to research and find keywords or bring your own data. Simply upload your keyword lists.

What does the output look like?

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